walk your dog. otherwise| 30x30cm | acrylic on canvas

kitty cat Der Löwe and sein Freund David | 80x60cm | acrylic on canvas
in a faraway land an ordinary kitty named der Löwe met disquised David right before his transformation from the underdog to the king. Since neither of them wanted to get into a very deep or complicated conversation, they made a small talk. It was a nice day.

techno in Berlin | 40cm | acrylic on canvas panel

sheep of the world, unite!| 50x40cm | acrylic on canvas
one sheep, two sheep, three sheep, four sheep, five sheep, six sheep, seven sheep, eight sheep, nine sheep, yolo sheep, ten sheep, you are sheep, eleven sheep, i am sheep, twelve sheep, hi sheep, high sheep sheep sheep, thirteen sheep, dizzy sheep, what have you been up to sheep.

a double cheese cake with some extra cream on it | 30x30cm | acrylic on canvas

three curious bunnies and a guiding head of David | 60x50cm | acrylic on canvas
three bunnies were in a search for meaning. one of them managed to created a head of guiding David in order to find The Real Truth everyone is talking about. however, instead of giving the tiniest hint of this mighty truth, David created another myth, since it was, indeed, a stronger and prettier narrative than any truth itself. so now what? believe in this myth as if it is the truth? or seek the Real Truth knowing is somehow worse than the myth? bunnies got confused and call it a night.

tigers gonna meow| 46x38cm | acrylic on canvas
a pure pro-active advocate of culture or of a particular method of cultivating mind or body will understand

what happens at the end of tunnel | 50cm | acrylic on canvas

a lot of sheep | 60x40cm | acrylic on canvas

Laika wants revenge | 40x80cm | acrylic on canvas

dogs ftw | 24x18cm | acrylic on canvas

angry Cookie | 20x20cm | acrylic on canvas

unleashed | 41x33cm | acrylic on canvas

another story about a super hero known as your inner ego

a wild techno tribe in the meadow | 24×30 cm | acrylic on canvas

the original honey bunny | 18x24cm | acrylic on canvas

a half past torso | 50x50cm | acrylic on canvas

Anna Maria Rebel | 40x40cm | acrylic on canvas

they were told she can spare them a comprehensive set of the greatest ideas, but the truth wasn’t that great. she just strived for beholders to look at her.

nighty night | 20x20cm | acrylic on canvas

the joy of events | 24x18cm | acrylic on canvas